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Since our organization has been using the UrbanShipper Platform, we have experienced 25% growth in revenue last quarter and a 35% increase in vehicle utilization.

Mark Padgett, Indianapolis

UrbanShipper Platform Features

Our Technology and platform is reducing the amount of traffic and pollution on our roads.

Fully responsive

Looks great on all major browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

SaaS Platform

Providing Interoperabilty between most accounting and TMS platforms

Community Roundtables

Feel free to contact us with any feature requests or bug reports.


Platform Benefits

  • Customers manage and configure loads using their native TMS system or the Urban Shipper web portal
  • Native APIs give TMS systems access to Urban Shippers network of over 10,000 registered couriers
  • Drivers have the ability to self dispatch loads and queue up routes
  • Drivers are routed using our AI model to maximize vehicle utilization

See the platform in action

At Urban Shipper, we are passionate about helping companies increase productivity, grow revenue, and enhance customer service through our courier platform. Want to see how Urban Shipper could help your organization, schedule a demo today.