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This is small list of some commonly asked questions around the Urban Shipper Platform. This list continues to grow as questions come in from partners.

Either are options, negotiated during APA and after LOI. With different valuations depending on the mix of cash and stock

Your APA is not executed and only your expenses incurred are your liability

All expenses will be evaluated with executive leadership team and market functional lead on a quarterly basis.

No royalties (not a franchise), there will be a “shared business services” between Corporate and subsidiaries based on a multitude of factors depending on the expense.

All subsidiaries will be owned by Urban. Rates and discounts will be determined by accounts and negotiated terms in specific markets, with collaboration from Market functional leads and Executive leadership.

Not a Franchise model, local and national Marketing expenses will apply to the appropriate P&L of each subsidiary. There will be an aggressive and relevant social media strategy.

The mix of Cash and stock will be negotiated and confirmed during APA. 50/50 mix will be standard offering. We realize there will be different scenarios for each potential acquisition.

There will be a shared revenue and expense model from a corporate level on accounts that are regional and national in scope.

Each subsidiary will have a quarterly and annual operating budget, which will have input and direction from the functional market lead. This will be part of quarterly budget and earnings that legally have to be reported as a Public traded company.

Preferred Stock in Public Company

Through Stock performance; all acquisitions are wholly owned subsidiaries of Urban.

Upon execution of LOI and during the APA process, proprietary financial details will be made available.

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