Reducing Shipping Costs for your company

Urban Shipper Technology (UST)

is an emerging leader in the same day logistics and delivery services business. Using a proprietary mobile application and geo-fencing technology to consolidate and leverage a fragmented industry, Urban Shipper has developed a network of independent drivers to deliver packages at cost eective rates over shorter time durations in targeted geographic regions.

The Urban Shipper technology platform enables Urban Shipper to deploy proprietary algorithms, optimize, pick up, deliver and route parcels at economical pricing for commercial partners, companies and individuals. Urban Shipper is a disruptive leader and will utilize a fresh approach to market growth, expansion and economizing same day delivery services. Urban Shipper not only oers faster and more cost eective delivery services, but also oers a steady ow of new found income for participating driver and third party companies who choose to partner with Urban Shipper and overlay industry changing technology onto their legacy platforms.

Our team

People behind the scenes

With decades of experience in the courier and transporation industry, our team has worked on real-world projects. Combining this knowledge with a state of the art software platform our team can bring your organization to the next level.

Douglas A. Clemons, CEO
Daniel Meehan, COO
Bryan Kenyon, CFO