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Our Technology Platform

B2B National Courier Platform

Urban Shipper is a disruptive leader in the courier industry using innovative technologies to propel the delivery services industry. We offer a fresh approach to market growth, expansion, and economizing same day delivery services. Urban Shipper uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for final mile deliveries to support the courier and delivery services industries. We have developed a B2B National Courier Platform that can easily be deployed into the marketplace. The Urban Shipper’s proprietary algorithms efficiently and economically optimize deliveries and route parcels, while offering faster and more cost-effective delivery services. Partnering with Urban Shipper can benefit third-party companies with an additional income stream by overlaying industry changing technologies onto their legacy platforms.

UrbanShipper Platform Features

Our Technology and platform is reducing the amount of traffic and pollution on our roads.

Fully Responsive

Works great on all major browsers, tablets and mobile devices.

SaaS Platform

Providing Interoperabilty between most accounting and TMS platforms

Community Roundtable

Feel free to contact us with any feature requests.